Elite Home Sellers
Elite Home Sellers

K. Morrison

I have had a Realtor before, but I have NEVER had a Realtor like Anthony Graham!!

The service he provides is second to none I have experienced, and, after asking my friends and associates… neither have any of them! It started with my first meeting with him, he told me what to remove from the house, what to paint and what updates had to be done to sell the house. After I did what he suggested, he scheduled his photographer come take AMAZING photographs, the quality of the photographs was so impressive, I almost kept the house myself, but my fiancĂ© might have gotten a bit upset with me!

I was so impressed with how he handled other Realtors as they jockeyed to ‘get in’ before anyone else, even when they tried to negotiate in a less than upfront way; he handled it with ease, a directness I know, few, would be capable of preforming. He earned my respect and admiration, I would recommend him, and I have, to my own parents!!

Because of Anthony’s help and direction, my home sold in 7 days after listing on MLS, closed in 2 1/2- 3weeks.

The man knows how to move real-estate!! Without question, don’t waste time with anyone else, call him.

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